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1450 and 1850 Solar Panel Datasheets
Technical downloads:
The 1450 & 1850 technical datasheets give you a comprehensive summary of the new Genersys solar panels.
World first from Genersys:
The 1450 and 1850 evacuated flat plate solar panels
New solar panels from Genersys
Tuesday May 13th, 2008

Genersys marks a new level of performance by introducing the world’s only evacuated flat plate solar panels.

For some years now we have worked with our German and Slovakian partners, ThermoSolar, to produce reliable vacuum technology for solar thermal applications. Fifteen years ago, their evacuated solar held a vacuum for about two years, but could be re-evacuated on site. Five or six years ago the seals were improved to provide a vacuum that lasts up to ten years. Unlike these earlier tubes, when the vacuum is lost on the new Genersys evacuated flat plates, re-evacuation is easy from the home or from a plant room.

Last year Genersys started manufacturing vacuum solar panels and are proud to announce availability of our new panels to the UK. Both panels have achieved full EN Certification and Solar Keymark certification for both vacuum flat plate panels. You can see what solar Keymark certification involves here.

The Genersys 1450 and 1850 are the world's first evacuated solar collectors to combine the aesthetic appeal of a flat plate, glazed, solar panel and the insulative qualities of vacuum collectors.

Combining high quality materials, state of the art construction and utilising Genersys's folding technology (no solders, rivets screws bolts or nuts used), the panels are roof mounted and the installer pumps the air out to create a vacuum of 100pa which operates as the insulation.

The vacuum is an ideal insulation -a space where heat cannot escape. Applied to a solar panel this minimises heat loss and offers better performance for surface area. The Genersys 1450 and 1850 both feature the same exacting, world leading contruction but the 1850's unique surface coating distinguishes it apart from the 1000-10 and 1450. Infact, the 1850's super hot titanium oxide coating is so efficient at conducting heat that it is too hot to recommend for domestic operations but is ideal for where you may have a constant heat demand that normal solar panels could never keep up with –such needs may arise in a hospital or industrial process.

The 1450 offers higher performance than the 1000-10 in colder conditions and is well suited to both commercial and domestic applications, particularly if roof space is limited.

Our new solar panels also come with the Genersys hallmark of quality, our world class 20 Year Warranty covering both performance and corrosion of the panel.

The Genersys range of solar panels is now a more complete offering. No solar panel replaces the other, but offers the consumer better choice according to their requirements and application:

  • For homes and pools
    The Genersys 1000-10 solar panel is well suited to domestic hot water heating, including pools, central heating, and underfloor heating applications. The 1000-10 solar panel has also been used in many commercial applications and can generate over 1200 kWh per panel a year.

  • For higher performance
    The Genersys 1450 can also be used for all applications, but offers better performance in very cold weather and is also more suitable for space heating and air conditioning applications than the 1000-10; also useful if roof space is more limited.

  • For extreme performance
    The Genersys 1850 is intended only for industrial and commercial applications that need high and constant heat requirements. The absorber surface is made from a titanium oxide coating and gets very, very hot. Factories, hospitals and other industrial processes will benefit from the robust design and features of the 1850.
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