Genersys solar panels not only help the environment by reducing carbon emissions but also save you money by producing FREE hot water for your home and pool. This page helps explain a few of these ideas.
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What's on this page? A look at the benefits of choosing a solar hot water system from Genersys.

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The benefits of solar:
Genersys panels. Our solar panels are a mature technology and have evolved with our advances in manufacturing and experience in the solar industry -some 30 years!

We are expanding into Australasia and the Americas, and have the reach to deliver a world leading service.

Why solar water heating?
Save money:

Hot water heating (on average) accounts for 26% of your annual energy bill.  With a Genersys solar system you could generate enough solar energy to heat 70% of your hot water, FREE, year after year!   With a 35+ year life expectancy, the savings are very big and payback can be between 8 and 12 years on a home system.

  • Generate up to 70% of your hot water FREE

  • Payback in as little as 8 years

  • 35+ year life expectancy; save on your energy bill year after year

  • As fossil fuel prices continue to rise solar will save you more and more

Click to learn more about Payback.

A Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 it 'costs' to produce a manufactured part.

(New for 2010) Get paid for the renewable energy you produce with GENERSYS solar panels:
The Government has recently announced a new, ground breaking incentive for solar water heating. Called the Renewable Heat Incentive, it is set to deliver annual payments to qualifying owners of renewable energy systems including users of Genersys Solar Panels.

Never before has there been a better time to choose high performance solar panels (the RHI repayment will be based on kW output) and a panel with a long life (the RHI is set to give you payments every year for up to 20 years).

GENERSYS solar panels are the only panel that give you over 35 years life expectancy, 20 year panel and performance guarantee and the reliability that comes with the GENERSYS build quality.

For more information:
The Renewable Heat Incentive

Help the environment:
Heating your hot water is a major contributor to carbon emissions.  Carbon pollution is causing global warming.  Your Genersys solar panel system can save as much as 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per year, depending on the fossil fuel displaced.

Our panels work on a carbon zero rating, emitting no carbon pollution and no harmful greenhouse gases whatsoever.  

Of course, energy was used to make the panels, but even this is recovered after only 2 years use. For more information about the environmental benefits of renewable energy you maybe interested in The Energy Age.

A full explanation and figures are given in our Carbob Payback article. We look at a typical UK home and just how much CO2 could be saved when using a Genersys solar water system. The results are quite incredible!

For more information:
The carbon footprint of a GENERSYS solar panel


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