An overview of some of the reasons to choose Genersys Plc when going Solar.
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  • Market leading warranty, high quality panels and over 35 years experience
  • Trusted installer network
  • Certified panels and state of the art manufacturing process
    Why choose Genersys?   Trusted installers   Certification and Accreditation

    Choosing solar can be a little difficult, what with so many companies offering solar panels. Genersys offer you true, market leading performance, backed by an unmatched warranty and long life expectancy on the panels to ensure you get a maximum return on your investment, and the biggest savings from carbon emissions to help the environment.

    Learn more about Genersys Plc here.

    • 20 year panel warranty

    • 35+ year life expectancy

    • Panels are made from non-corrosive, high quality, recyclable materials

    • We have a trusted installer network of Genersys-approved and trained plumbers and engineers, nationwide

    • Our technical team are on hand to provide support or answer your enquiries,



    As a manufacturer of solar panels we have a vast network of Genersys-approved installers across the country.  We maintain a strict quality-control policy and make sure our installers meet our customers' needs.  We are commited to providing an unmatched level of professionalism from manufacture to installation.

    How this benefits you
    Having your manufacturer vet your installer ensures you have a trustworthy, capable and qualified engineer quoting and installing your hot water system. We absolutely value customer satisfaction and work diligently to uphold it.  We believe that through support and hands-on training our installers can deliver this customer satisfaction that Genersys demand.


    The Genersys panels and systems are equally made to exact standards and meet ISO, European and regional certification.  Operating in over 50 countries our panels have to meet precise standards and quality control.  Our panels are made of high quality materials and not to be compared to cheaper manufactured panels, who often use plastic and materials that can degrade over time.

    Genersys are a member of the Solar Trade Association and our panels have met the following standards and certification:

    International Organisation for Standardisation -ISO Homepage
    The European Solar Thermal Industry gave Genersys solar panels 1000-4 and 1000-10 EN 12975 (part 1 and 2) certification.
    International Organisation for Standardisation -ISO Homepage
    Genersys are an ISO 9001 registered firm. Learn more about ISO
    International Organisation for Standardisation -ISO Homepage
    Genersys meet ISO 9806-1 and 9806-2 standards
    International Organisation for Standardisation -ISO Homepage
    Genersys are proud to meet standards for the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation's certification program.


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