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Genersys at the London School of Economics
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Genersys at the London School of Economics
Posted on Monday 8th January 2007, 05:37.

Genersys Chief Executive, Robert Kyriakides, gave a seminar at the London School of Economics on 17th November attended by many well known academics. The seminar was organised under the auspices of the Alcoa Foundation, which charity supports non profit activities in communities and countries where the Alcoa Corporation has a presence.

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The Alcoa Foundation Conservation and Sustainability Program is a global five-year (2005-10) programme to advance knowledge in the fields of conservation and sustainability. This is done mainly through the appointment of research fellowships (at five universities - including LSE) and practitioner fellowships (at a number of sustainability institutes). At LSE, the programme is supporting the appointment of six two-year research fellows over its duration. LSE Alcoa/Foundation research is centred on the issues of corporate governance and sustainability.

Robert explained the way in which Genersys has been founded, its work and the energy and sustainability issues which now make the age we live in, in Robertís view, the energy age. He also explained what he has described as the four principles that should govern energy use and the seminar ended with a long question and answer session, from which reflected the high level of interest and concern that academics have in these issues.

At the end of the seminar, Dr Michael Mason, Director of the LSE/Alcoa Foundation Conservation and Sustainability Programme, thanked Robert for his insightful and well-received contribution.

"It is incumbent on those of us in the academic world to engage with the real world challenges of translating sustainability principles into economic and policy practice. Robert Kyriakides has shown us vividly how one company, Genersys, is not only leading the way in realizing the business potential for renewable energy, but doing so with a philosophy of corporate practice that advances wider sustainability principles. Indeed, his principles for governing 'the energy age', as articulated also in his new book, make demands of our politicians and ourselves that we can longer ignore. This was a wide-ranging, compelling presentation."

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