Genersys Plc are manufacturer of solar panels providing solar powered hot water heating for homes, businesses and industry.
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Genersys Plc

Genersys plc is a leading manufacturer of solar thermal technology producing solar systems for water heating for the home and industry and solar pool heating systems. Genersys and its associated companies export solar systems in over 65 countries throughout the world. Genersys solar panels are used for domestic water heating, space heating, industrial heating processes and agricultural heating processes as well as for heating swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.

Using the limitless energy contained in natural light Genersys offers a non polluting way of creating energy without creating emissions. Genersys use German engineering to crate very high quality durable long lasting solar systems which are certified to meet all applicable standards in the European Union, the United States of America and Canada.

Every year Genersys solar systems save tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.


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