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Large capacity solar tanks by Genersys
by Genersys team, London

Last updated: 2010-01-14 11:35:33

Download: Genersys UK (EN-GB) Solar tanks v2.0.24-A4-100dpi.pdf

Meeting the demand from installers, GENERSYS performance and reliability is finally available in commercial tanks and domestic cylinders. Perfect for all types of application from large domestic water heating including underfloor and pool water heating to commercial and industrial applications, the GENERSYS range of tanks have you covered.

Call for the latest prices!

  • Commercial, domestic, swimming pools and large installations
  • Smaller and larger capacities available
  • Underfloor heating
  • CAD and technical support
  • High quality steel cylinders that keep your job on time and on budget
  • Manufactured with the world famous performance and reliability that comes only from Genersys

For the first time our installers and your customers can rely on the highest possible manufacturing standards and trust that is associated with the GENERSYS brand in a commercial sized cylinder.

We've taken innovative designs and built with robust materials to give a complete solution for the specifier; a reliable and dependable unit backed with our world leading guarantees and hot water performance.

Integrating into any hot water application, the GENERSYS range of tanks are also designed for solar water heating applications and our brochure 'Large capacity tanks by Genersys' explains the different models and pricing available.

Smaller cylinders are available for domestic applications and we can also design boilers to individuals' specifications in our ISO accredited manufacturing facilities.


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