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Power from the People
by Genersys Plc

Last updated: 2009-12-04 11:22:22

Download: Power to the People.pdf

Unrivalled 20 year warranty positions GENERSYS as the UKs leading solar panel brand.

An independent analysis of the domestic uptake of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (Phase 1a) positions GENERSYS as the UK's leading solar panel manufacturer.

Funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), the Lower Carbon Futures (LCF) team of the Environmental Change Institute of the University of Oxford have produced an analysis of the domestic stream of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (Phase 1a) data, and to what extent the LCBP has met its aims over the first two years. The five main types of microregeneration are compared and each analysed.

50 different manufacturers are listed of which were used in only one system, whereas the three most popular brands Genersys Plc, Schott (Rayotec) and Thermomax were used in 300500 systems each.
-page 26, Power from the People

It is important to note that Schott no longer manufacture the 'vacuum tubes' used in this comparison. GENERSYS solar panels remain the choice of installers around the world and we welcome this recent study to confirm that in England too, GENERSYS are the installers' choice.

More information about grants and policies that may effect you can be found on our CEO's blog, Ideas for the environment.

The full PDF 'Power from the People' is available to download.


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