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by Robert Kyriakides
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Although we are a commercial business, that like every business has to make a profit in order to survive, we think it important to undertake at least one project each year that "puts something back" as a thank you to the community for their support and encouragement.

Our first such project was started last year, almost by accident. Philip Payne, of Mouchel is a Kent based architect who specialises in designing schools. That is a tough brief, because he has to make very little money go a long way. Philip wanted to design a school that was as environmentally friendly as possible and his vision encompassed wind, solar and biomass energy. It would, he thought, prove an excellent way to help the environment, not merely in the carbon savings by using renewables, but also by the fact that the teachers could explain environmental issues to the children by using examples of what they had on their premises. The new primary school was funded by Kent County Council, who gave encouragemnt and support to the design team in their approach to sustainable design on this project.

Philip is a persuasive person. At first he persuaded me that in view of the fact that he had no budget for thermal solar technology perhaps Genersys could supply energy in the same way that the utilities did. I agreed. The school he was designing was in Brenzett, where there is no piped natural gas, so the economic case for using solar thermal panels was strong. Measuring and monitoring hot water use in school was easy with modern technology but the logistics of metering and charging for one school would be uneconomic, from a utility supplier's viewpoint.

We had to make a number of adjustments to get the system working to its optimum. The local M & E engineer employed in the project made invaluable suggestions. As a result, we had a very fine system indeed.

Nevertheless, Philip persuaded us and, last spring, we installed eight vacuum panels on the roof of the new building. We attended the official opening of the building in the summer, by the Bishop in Canterbury, and heard the lovely voices of the primary school children sing. Philip pointed out, to everyone who would listen, that our thermal solar panels were making a real contribution to the school's energy efficiency.

One of our engineers lives reasonably close to Brenzett and we asked him to monitor the hot water usage provided Free of carbon by our solar panels. Our DC 21 controller contains a built in meter that can measure how much energy we have provided Free.

I agreed with Philip that we would not be making any charge for our installation. It would be nice, I said, if the Head Teacher, Mr Anthony Clarke would agree to talk to other schools who may contact him about his experience of our products.

In the 4 months to July 2003 a total of 3,202 Kwh had been generated Free by the Generysy solar system.
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