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This aricle is part of the Green Future series, which looks at what we can all do to make a greener future, today.

by Genersys Plc, 18th February 2007
Download the Genersys SAP Improvement pack (644KB)

What is SAP?
From SAP is the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings. SAP 2005 is adopted by government as part of the UK national methodology for calculation of the energy performance of buildings. It is used to demonstrate compliance for dwellings with Part L of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) and to provide energy ratings for dwellings.

Download the Genersys SAP Improvement pack (644KB)
These documents are also available by post, on request. Contact us for more information.

How can Genersys help you improve SAP ratings?
Available for download are a selection of files showing how Genersys solar panels cannot only help your SAP rating, but just how much CO2 carbon dioxide a typical solar panel system can save when compared to conventional hot water heating.

And by how much?
The table below gives a glimpse at what improvements can be made to your SAP and how much carbon savings can be made through the use of Genersys solar panels in building homes.

Genersys ticks all the boxes      
Without a two panel Genersys system Electricity Oil  
TER 22.19 22.19  
DER 23.66 23.66  
Compliance FAIL FAIL  
Overall FAIL FAIL  
Energy 8789 8789  
Renewable Target FAIL FAIL  
With a two panel Genersys system Electricity Oil  
TER 22.19 22.19  
DER 20.63 20.63  
Compliance PASS PASS  
Overall PASS PASS  
New home total energy 7579 7579  
Renewable Target PASS PASS  
Renewable Contribution kWh 1630 1670  
Percentage of Energy Use % 21.5 22.0  
Genersys Carbon Savings C02/kg Electricity Oil  
  1393 572  
  • In summary:

  • Building Regulation Compliance
  • 10% Renewable energy targets for planning authorities
  • 35 year life span
  • 10 year performance guarantee
  • 20 year anti corrosion guarantee
  • 35 year life span
  • Payback
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low maintenance costs

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