The carbon foot print of a 1000-10 Genersys solar panel, part of our Green Future articles.
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For a green future
How we can shape a green future, today.
  1. Reducing carbon emissions
    17th January 2007

  2. The carbon footprint of manufactured goods and a
    Genersys 1000-10 solar panel

    11th February 2007

  3. SAP
    18th February 2007

These articles take a look at how we can all contribute towards a greener, cleaner future. Just by raising awareness and a little effort we can all contribute towards this goal. And what is the importance of this goal? Avoiding climate change? Reducing greenhouse gases? Reducing carbon emissions? These may seem like things of the future, but stopping them must start now. It's not just the environment and health of the planet that's at stake either, as The Stern Report highlights, the world's economy faces equally such a bleak future.

For a green future is a series of articles that we aim at raising awareness and consumer knowledge, so that we can all act with understanding. These articles in their nature are educational and are not for selling the Genersys brand. Of course, we highlight the benefits of Genersys solar panels, but these articles are quite simply: For a green future.

Our editor can be contacted regarding these topics and we will be adding content over the months so be sure to bookmark our homepage for future updates.

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