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Solar Trade Association & Genersys

Having formed in 1978, the Solar Trade Association (STA) has served to act as a focal point for organisations with business interests in the Solar Energy industry.

Solar Trade Association and you
In addition to regulating the activities of it's members, the STA serves as an enquiry centre for the public, industrial and governmental bodies.  

It provides information to enhance the understanding of advantages derived from solar energy systems and to encourage potential purchasers to use STA Members.

The Solar Trade Association & it's work
Members comprise the producers of solar collectors and associated equipment, and the installers of which cover the thermal solar business in the UK.

The STA endeavours to influence opinion and facilitate widespread acceptance of all solar technology.  The STA provides it's members with information on a regular basis concerning national and international standards, public enquiries, new legislation and advances in technology.

It takes part in standards committees and has a regular dialogue with Governmental Departments.

The use of solar energy spares the use of conventional fuel and is non- polluting, thus being kind to the environment and reducing running costs for the user at the same time. By choosing a solar energy installation via STA members, you are assured of the highest quality and support.

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