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Become an installer
Plumbers, roof fitters and solar professionals -we invite you to become part of our Trusted Installer Network. After receiving your online application a member of our team will contact you about how we can integrate you to our network and build a relationship, provide training and get you started.

Browse our media library database
Don't like clicking?  Want to list all of our media library on one page? Well you can do that right here, and content is listed by category for you.

Carbon Footprint
The carbon savings of a solar panel, or anything for that matter, can only be calculated if the exact carbon footprint is known.  The carbon footprint of the 1000-10 solar panel -from raw material to installation is analysed and we show how we have minimised this to maximise carbon savings whilst at the same time building a world leading solar thermal panel.

Carbon Savings
Taken from our Carbon Footprint article, this page looks at the enormous savings of CO2 a Genersys solar hot water system can achieve in the typical UK home.

Case studies
Examples of how and where Genersys solar panel systems have benefitted users around the world. Each example feautures photographs and is available to download in a printable format.

Consumer homepage
Our homepage.

Customer Manual
A popular file, this gives an overview of operating your Genersys solar hot water system, FAQs and operation of the digital controller.

Contact us
Contact us online or using more traditional methods. If aim to reply all online enquiries by one working day, if not the same day.

Explore our growing library of downloads. We have an intuitive navigation we call the 'Downloads Tree' to help you start exploring, or search to find something particular.

A collection of galleries taken from our growing image library; covering the whole spectrum of installations, from commercial to domestic, both abroad and of installations in the UK.

Getting solar
Contact us online about getting solar panels installed.

How does it work?
An overview of how the Genersys solar panel system integrates into your existing hot water to provide free, zero carbon energy.

How to choose a solar panel, what is quality in a solar panel?
A buyer's guide to purchasing the best quality solar panels.

Frequently asked questions.

Green Future
A collection of articles that aim at reducing carbon emissions and building a green future.

Genersys is available worldwide, including Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico and North America.

Knowledge base
A selection of articles for our associated professionals. Plumbers, roof builders and architects can find technical files pertaining to our solar panels and systems.

News reported by Genersys, covering renewable energy issues that face us today.

P to Z:

A brief explanation of how the payback works on a Genersys solar panel system, and what the customer can expect. For more information, and a detailed table illustrating a typical payback, we offer a link to our popular Solar Water Heating brochure, free to download and print.

Why Genersys Plc no longer offer PV solar panels, a look at the pros and cons associated with PV when compared to solar for hot water heating.

Press Releases
Released by Genersys for press and websites. Editors should contact for further information.

Professionals Homepage
Our hub for solar panel installers, plumbers and solar trade industry. We list the latest technical downloads, FAQs and Knowledge Base articles here for your convenience.

Reduce carbon emissions
Part of our Green Futures collection. This article examines how we can all contribute to the lowering of carbon emissions.

Renewable Heat Incentive - "Get paid for the renewable energy you produce"
A primer to the Government's new incentive scheme for microrenewable energy including solar water heating.

SAP -a look at how Genersys solar panels can optimise your SAP rating
The Government's Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Ratings of Dwellings and how your business will benefit by using Genersys solar panels.

Comprehensive search page with lots of options to filter your keywords to get the results you want.

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Submit a technical question
Submit a question to our technical department.

Solar panels:
Genersys Plc manufacture several solar panels. The 1000-10 solar panel is our most popular and scales incredibly well. It's scalability makes it an ideal partner to your business.

  • Solar Panel 1000-4
    Genersys 1000-4 is available exclusively for the OEM market.

  • Solar Panel 1000-10
    Our most popular solar panel, used in over 55 countries and nationwide.

  • Solar Panel 1450
    Our vacuum panel, utilising the Krypton is intended for systems equipped with circulating pumps.

  • Digital Controller Overview
    Our digital controllers give the end user the power to control and monitor the output of the solar panels.

Why Genersys?
We know that there are a host of other companies out there, and discerning what ones are reputable is an arduous task. Here, we present what seperates us from the competition, and invite you to contact us if you would to know more. Genersys Plc uphold customer satisfaction above all else and sincerely believer in building a Green Future with our customers.

Why Solar?
Last, but certainly bu no-means least, we have perhaps the most important argument of all, "Why Solar?" It's a good question, and we hope to convince you that choosing solar panels to heat your hot water is not only the right decision -one that will benefit the planet, but also a wwise one, saving you money -year on year.

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