PhotoVoltaic (PV) Solar Panels: Why Genersys offer solar panels for heating hot water systems for homes and pools, and not PV.

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What is it?
PhotoVoltaic (PV) solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which saves you money on your electricity bill.

Why we don't sell PV
The idea of PV is very attractive. Power your PC, TV, Microwave and other appliances through the use of a few solar panels. But the idea becomes less attractive when we talk about the facts of the matter.

You would need a lot of PV panels to power such appliances, completely independant from your electricty grid.  With this principle in mind and customer feedback Genersys chose not to offer PV as the inherent costs in PV panels meant that payback ultimately took too long.

We offer solar panels for hot water heating instead.  Our panels are suitable for both heating both home and swimming pool hot water and we believe our system offers a much quicker payback.

In summary:

  • The average PV system costs are high because you need a lot of panels to give you real-world performance and to reduce your electricity bill.  This initial cost makes PV expensive, and ultimately increases the return on investment (ROI)...

  • The payback (ROI) is astronomical in relative terms to say a solar powered water heating system. Some PV systems can take as long as a hundred years to pay for themselves.

  • In comparison, it takes just 6 years to achieve payback on a Genersys solar water heating system for a family home.

  • Of course, every little helps and PV systems do benefit the environment by reducing carbon but we feel that both the environment and financial gains gained from a hot water system far out weigh those of the PV system.

But of course we're going to say that!?
Of course you may ask this question, and rightly so, after all we are a manufacturer of hot water solar panels.  But we also take great pride in the business we are involved in and represent.   

This page isn't to dissuade you from purchasing a solar system, or to rubbish any company offering PV systems. Like we have said, the benefits are there. But we do ask that you ask the questions that matter when purchasing PV, or any solar panel system:

  • Payback
    What is the payback on the system you will purchase?
    Genersys solar panel systems typically have a 6 year payback in the UK, and as little as 18 months in the USA for a swimming pool!

  • Environmental benefit
    How much carbon will your system save, annualy?
    Genersys solar panels can save, year on year, 1 tonne per household in the UK. This is based on a 3 bedroom house.

  • Performance
    Will the system continue to operate at peak performance over it's lifetime?

  • Maintenance
    Will the system require maintenance?

  • Durability
    What is the life expectancy of the system in your country?



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