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Phase 2 LCBP is a Disaster
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Phase 2 LCBP is a Disaster
Posted on Friday 9th March 2007, 10:13.

Robert Kyriakides continues to push for Lord Trucott to address the failings of the Phase 2 Low Carbon Building Program. In an open letter to Lord Truscott, Robert Kyriakides, CEO Genersys Plc highlights the flaws in the LCBP and the difficulties that face both the consumer and trade because of them.

Lord Truscott has not replied so far, despite Genersys Plc placing a full page advetorial in the popular publication read in government circles Whitehall & Westminister World.

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Click for a preview of the editorial taken in WhiteHall & Westminster World, bringing the flaws of the LCBP into the light of political circles.

A full copy of the letter, and a PDF of the editorial taken in Whitehall & Westminister World can be downloaded.

Excerpts from the letter, to Lord Truscott:

"I really think that the government has to abandon Climate Change as a topic for gesture politics and make some hard decisions.

Phase 2 LCBP runs the real risk of closing many hard working committed small businesses that supply micro renewable energy systems by giving the so called framework companies (most of whom have no experience in the fields) a guaranteed turnover of at least 7 million of solar thermal business."

"In addition to what I have described as the disaster of Phase 2, you must also deal with the farce of Phase 1, householders' grants.

You must know by now that once again the March allocation of grants ran out within a few hourse of it being available on the first day of the month. Can you imagine what damage this does to the solar thermal industry?

In case you cannot imagine the damage let me explain: throughout the country people want to buy solar thermal systems. They hear that there is a grant of 400. They apply for it. Their contractors tell them that it's best to apply as soon as possible on the first of the month to have a chance of getting the grant. The contractor cannot install the system before a grant has been approved, because that breaches the grant conditions. Everyone waits. The customer waits. The contractor and his team waits. The manufacturer that supplies the system waits. No one knows what is going to happen. No one knows whether they'll get the grant.

If someone is lucky and gets the grant that person gets the solar system. If someone is unlucky what happens? That person reapplies on the first of the following month. More customers wait. More installers wait. More manufacturers wait, and of course the carbon savings wait.

If that person fails on the first of the following month what happens then? usually the customer is fed up with waiting, cancels the order and the installation is lost.

It is possible that a more damaging grant scheme could be devised but I cannot think of how. This is incompetence on a grand scale and needs to be addressed without further delay."


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