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by Genersys Plc
Overview of technical specifications, dimensions, weight and other details about the 1000-10.

Genersys 1000-10 solar panel is a vertically mounted glazed collector without collection pipes, intended for applications in systems equipped with circulating pumps.

The panels have an integrated connection system enabling pressure sealed linkage with adjacent panels. The Genersys 1000-10 panel is constructed with a single meander system piping without using soldering or welding and is folded into the absorber plate; a single piece tray folded into the frame holding the glazing.

The Genersys 1000-10 panel is not intended to be used in drain-back systems.

Technical Information:
Floor Space: 2.03 m
Absorbing Surface: 1.78 m
Linkage dimension: 1040 x 2040mm
Weight empty: 36.5kg
Fluid volume: 1.3 litres
Cover glass: Safety solar glass 4mm thick.
Connection: Patented connection clamp.
Casing: Stamping from non-corrosive Al-Mg sheet.
Thermowell: To accommodate 4mm or 6mm sensor.
Solar absorptivity: αM1.5 Min. 0.94
Thermal emissivity: ε82C Max. 0.16
Optical efficiency: 80%
Operating temperature: Below 200C

No-load temperature at radiation 1000 W/m2 and ambient temperature of 30C: 170C
Stagnation temperature : 170C

Recommended flow of heat transfer fluid : 60 L/h/m2 collector
Max. working over-pressure of heat transfer fluid: 600 kPa

Recommended flow of heat
transfer fluid: 60 L/h/m collector

Panel connection : in parallel
Maximum number of panels that can be linked in a series : 10
Maximum number of series : no limit
Glazing : 4mm low iron hailstone resistant
Tested to EN 12975 (parts 1 & 2) and to Solar Rating & Certification Corporation Standards for the United States of America and to all applicable Canadian test standards.

Output: 1 panel (2m2) average output 1200 kWh per annum at constant 50 degrees C

Genersys 1000-10 panels do not require any maintenance. The panels have been designed to withstand high temperatures; the glass does not require cleaning. There are no user serviceable parts inside and due to the heat exchange process the panel does not contact potable water or water to be heated.  
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