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by Genersys Plc
Click to read these important tips from the Installation Manual. These should be adhered to for successful installations.

Important Installer Tips

  • Use only solar quality O rings if you are using press fittings

  • Do not install the panels upside down; they will only work the right way up

  • Use support sleeves (pipes inserts)

  • Never use plastic pipes for the thermal circuit

  • Join copper pipes by brazing, not with soft solder

  • The glycol is ready mixed; do not add water or any other ingredient

  • If you are not buying our pressure vessel, make sure the one you use has a glycol resistant Membrane

  • Pressure test the panels before you connect up the circuit, especially if you are fitting them inside the roof

Working with panels

(Storing, unpacking and moving the panels)


  • 1000-10 Panels must be stored vertically against a wall or kept on the pallet until you are ready to install them.

  • 1000-10 Panels must not be stored on their horizontal sides because their pipes or clamps might be damaged 1000-10H Panels must be stored horizontally against a wall or kept on the pallet until you are ready to install them.

  • 1000-10H Panels must not be stored on their vertical sides because their pipes or clamps might be damaged


  • Unpack panels carefully so they are not damaged. The packaging is designed to be recyclable. Dispose of all packaging in an environmental friendly way by taking it to recycling centres

  • Take care when carrying the panels to the roof. Carrying and manipulating heavy weights and large frames on the roof is difficult and can cause you to slip. Make sure that you have all necessary supports harnesses and help for the job.


  • Take care when the panels are exposed to the sun. The absorber plate and heat transfer reach ultra high temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius and should not be touched whether the system is in operation or not otherwise severe burns will be suffered. In very hot conditions shield the absorber parts of the panels from direct sunlight until the installation is complete.  
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