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by Genersys Technical
What protection have your solar panels got against heat bridges across the aluminium frame, drawing internal heat outwards?

Genersys solar panels have been designed to take a huge amount of heat. Our panels feature high quality insulation which assures that the heat stays inside the solar panel.

The heat conductivity between the contact point of the panel on site and the aluminum frame is very low and will not affect the frame or other part of the roof.

I would also highlight the selective coating Genersys have developed and use in our solar panels. Our solar panels coated using own aluminium oxide formula, creating microscopic ridges that increase maximum surface area to light. This is designed to produce only useful heat rather than produce all types of heat.

All measures have been taken to ensure that Genersys solar panels are not only durable, perform well but are also safe and efficient at trapping and maximising total heat conversion from sunlight.

Genersys Technical  
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