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Genersys Solar Thermosiphon Gravity Fed (no electricity) Tanks Genersys offer a complete, high quality, efficient return on investment solar heating system
  • Get paid for the
    next 20 years.

    Make the most of the Renewable Heat Incentive by choosing GENERSYS solar panels.
  • Give your customer
    the best.

    Genersys panels do not overheat so no heat dump is required. 35+ Years life expectancy.
  • 20 Year Warranty
    Corrosion + Performance

    What other solar thermal panel carries such a complete warranty? The installers' choice.
  • GENERSYS Solar panel quality
  • A Global Solar Panel Manufacturer

    In more than 65 countries, installers and M&E consultants specify GENERSYS for quality.
  • Commercial solar water heating by GENERSYS
Receive the support of the World's leading manufacturer of solar panels
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from Genersys:
Introducing the
World's first Vacuum flat plate solar panels
Learn more ...
Ushering in a new level of performance and several technological break throughs, Genersys are proud to announce the availability of the world's first evacuated flat plate solar panel range to the UK.
More Quality Thermosolar Products
How many panels will I need?
As a general rule of thumb, one Genersys solar panel will provide enough energy to heat a 100 litre hot water cylinder.
It is not very sunny today. Will the Genersys system work?
Although they work best in direct sunlight, very good performance will be given in the indirect light (or diffuse radiat...
Will the system work at night?
No, the system only works in daylight. At some times of the year there is insufficient daylight and that is why your sys...
What is quality in a glazed solar panel? -Download the guide to choosing quality solar panels here.The Genersys guide to
solar panel

Genersys Plc have served the cause of carbon free solar energy long enough to see many competitors come and go, some offering lots of hype and others simply misleading.

It has created a confusing market, where Government has failed to provide adequate measures of how a solar system should be graded (although Genersys have actively tried to improve this through positive campaigning and as members of the Solar Trade Association).

But it can be hard to compare products, especially something that involves lots of technological buzzwords but that is important to the future of the planet as renewable energy. In an effort to help the consumer win by choosing quality over hype, we have produced a check list guide to buying solar panels.

So when comparing renewable energies, demand the following:
  • 20 Year Warranty
    Choose a system backed with a world class warranty from a manufacturer that honours both the performance and corrosion of the solar panel.
  • Performance
    Choose high performance to ensure quicker return on investment and efficient energy saving. Genersys 1000-10 solar panel generates in excess of 1.2 MILLION watts of thermal energy a year, per panel, in just 2m² roofspace.
  • Build quality
    Read horror stories of wind turbines blowing off in the wind or interfering with TV reception? Ensure your renewable energy is a proven, reliable technology and is built as strong as possible, from high quality materials to resist weather corrosion -just like Genersys solar panels.

  • Carbon savings
    Has the manufacturer of your solar panel minimised it's carbon footprint to maximise it's carbon savings efficency? Demand renewable energy that can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. In the near future such savings could earn you tax credits.
  • Return on investment
    Does your renewable energy offer you over 35 years of financial benefit and proven to add value to your property? Genersys solar water heating does.
  • Buy from a trusted source
    Can you trust the person selling your system or the contractor who you will trust to install it? Does your manufacturer or reseller invest time and resources into building a Trusted Installer Network like Genersys?
  • Local support
    Does your supplier have a good support structure? Can issues be resolved quickly and does the system require any maintenance?
Our 'guide to solar panel technology' is available on request or downloadable in PDF format here. We would be delighted to help if you have any specific questions, so please call our London head office and talk to Jodie or any member of our friendly staff on:

Solar Panel Installation, for Installer (HD) part 1/2

Solar Panel Installation, for Installer (HD) part 2/2

Large capacity solar tanks by GenersysLarge capacity solar tanks by Genersys
Tue, 28th Sep 2010
Meeting the demand from installers, GENERSYS performance and reliability is finally available in commercial tanks and domestic cylinders. Perfect for ...
Celtic Solar innovate at the University of Exeter Celtic Solar innovate at the University of Exeter
Wed, 18th Aug 2010
A bespoke installation kit was made by GENERSYS for Celtic Solar, providing an attractive 'picture frame' finish to their solar hot water installation...
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Commissioning form for solar panel installersCommissioning form for solar panel installers
Technical files
Commissioning guidelines and procedures for Genersys solar panel installers.
Power from the PeoplePower from the People
Unrivalled 20 year warranty positions GENERSYS as the UK’s leading solar panel b...
Digital solar controller GENERSYS DC12 wiring diagramDigital solar controller GENERSYS DC12 wiring diagram
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Clear diagram illustrating electrical wiring and connections for the DC12. Conne...
GENERSYS 1200 Solar Panel<div style=domperidon nebenwirkungen domperidon 10 mg domperidon zetpil 60 mg" width="70" border="0" class="InsetL"/>GENERSYS 1200 Solar Panel
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Genersys Chile PRESS RELEASEGenersys Chile PRESS RELEASE
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In a deal that could save thousands of homes, schools and businesses great amoun...
Solar Survey Form, 2009Solar Survey Form, 2009
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Updated for 2009, the solar survey form is the installers guide to completing a ...
Phase 2 LCBP is a DisasterPhase 2 LCBP is a Disaster
Robert Kyriakides continues to push for Lord Trucott to address the failings of ...
What is quality in a glazed solar panel? (UK)What is quality in a glazed solar panel? (UK)
A consumers guide to purchasing a solar panel system.
What is quality in a glazed solar panel? (USA)What is quality in a glazed solar panel? (USA)
A consumers guide to purchasing a solar panel system.
Lord Truscott’s reply fails TO ADDRESS THE ISSUESLord Truscott’s reply fails TO ADDRESS THE ISSUES
Lord Truscott's response to Genersys' letter to Alistair Darling, of the Departm...
Commercial installationsCommercial installations
Photos from a selection of our larger installations, both commercial and domesti...
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